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Digital Marketing Things to Know – September 2023

Weekly Roundup 09/20/2023 – 09/26/2023

1. How Can Small Brands Compete in a Crowded Digital Marketing Space?

Today’s digital marketing atmosphere is highly competitive. Small businesses often struggle to establish a dominant presence against more prominent, better-known brands. However, with an excellent strategy and the right approach, these smaller brands can take advantage of their space and succeed in a seemingly overcrowded digital marketing landscape. 

Read more at Forbes.com.

2. How to Unite AI and Automation to Unlock Advertising Success at Scale

There is no denying that artificial intelligence is playing a transformative role in the digital marketing industry. However, ad operations leaders don’t always know which AI applications will drive the most impact across various platforms. However, many leaders do agree on one thing: combining AI with automation, directed by human supervision, will maximize benefits and improve digital marketing strategies. 

Read more at AdAge.com.

3. Mastering Millennia Marketing for Generation Y

As of 2022, American millennials make up an estimated 72.2 million of the population, ranking them as the largest generational group in the United States. Studies estimate that millennials have a direct buying power of about $1 trillion

What does this mean? Companies need to start introducing specific marketing strategies to target millennials. And here’s the thing: Most millennials aren’t swayed by creative advertising; they think before they buy.

Read more at SearchEngineJournal.com.

4. ZINFI Releases Complimentary Best Practices Guide on Digital Marketing for SaaS Leaders

ZINFI Technologies, Inc. announced the release of its latest free guidebook, “Digital Marketing Strategy for SaaS Leaders,” which details a step-by-step approach to effective marketing strategies while keeping expenses under $1,000 per month. This guidebook aims to empower leaders of software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and help them compete with industry giants by building a renowned online presence.

Read more at MarTechSeries.com.

5. How the 3 A’s of Advertising Are Intertwined 

As the digital marketing industry evolves, artificial intelligence, attention metrics, and addressability practices are reevaluating how marketers plan and manage their advertising strategies.

Read more at InsiderIntelligence.com.

Weekly Roundup 09/13/2023 – 09/19/2023

1. Why Now is the Best Time to Implement SMS Marketing

On average, people now spend over 3 hours on their phones each day, with the average person checking their phone up to 58 times a day. With online marketplaces experiencing an uptick of purchases and viewing traffic, savvy marketers are taking advantage of short message services (SMS). Most lleading marketing companies are taking advantage of SMS marketing to increase their numbers without jeopardizing straightforward customer experiences.

Read more at MarTech.com.

2. Block & Tam Introduces “Meta Translator”: A Digital Tool That Could Revolutionize Multilingual Website Expansion

The award-winning marketing agency Block & Tam unveils its new tool, “Meta Translator.” This cutting-edge software could redefine the realm of multilingual website expansion, as businesses can effortlessly connect to global audiences by transforming their online platforms into dynamic international sites. From a marketing perspective, the new “Meta Translator” could allow businesses to unlimited audiences, no longer restricted by language barriers or regional blockades.

Read more at DigitalJournal.com.

3. Delta Media Launches AI-Powered, Automated CRM-Based Marketing Platform

Delta Media, one of the nation’s largest technology solutions providers for real estate brokerages, announces the launch of the most advanced customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This all-in-one digital platform leverages artificial intelligence with automation and unbeatable user-level customization.

Read more at MarTechSeries.com.

4. SEO Specialist Malaysia Unveils Digital Marketing Services to Foster Business Growth

The leading SEO expert in digital marketing, SEO Specialist Malaysia, introduces a service portfolio tailored toward businesses. SEO Special Malaysia combinines a deep understanding of local market dynamics with international digital trends. This new portfolio is designed to elevate online presences for brands and ensure success in such a competitive digital marketplace.

Read more at DigitalJournal.com.

5. How Champion Shifted its Brand Name From a Noun to a Verb

Vanessa LeFebvre, the President of Global Activewear, explains Champion’s new global campaign, “Champion What Moves You.” The campaign aims to focus on people who champion causes, rather than just those who become champions in sports. This purpose-driven campaign highlights creators around the world who turn passions into meaningful contributions to different communities.

Read more at MarketingDive.com

Weekly Roundup 09/06/2023 – 09/12/2023

1. Creators Are Revolutionizing Marketing–Here’s How Big Brands Can Benefit

The marketing world is evolving as companies implement strategies that aren’t necessarily traditional. Snappy social media personalities or regular meme postings to raise brand awareness are becoming the norm. Strict corporate marketing policies often limit many bigger brands, but they could learn a thing or two from smaller brands that are using unique forms of advertising and proving to be extremely effective in their endeavors.

Read more at Entrepreneur.com.

2. Direct-to-Consumer Brands are Going Old School

As with any company, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are seeking the best awareness strategies as they populate physical stores with their products. However, unlike more prominent brands, many DTC companies are avoiding AI and social media algorithms for outreach. Instead, they are taking advantage of old-school advertising techniques — specifically, outdoor advertisements. 

Read more at AdAge.com.

3. Artificial Intelligence’s Influence on Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly influenced  marketing for several years via predictive analytics and trend mapping. However, the recent uptick of AI in marketing is primarily based around generative AI for creative purposes, like graphic creation or copywriting. With generative technologies like ChatGPT more accessible than ever before, marketers must stay on top of these advancements before they get left behind. 

Read more at Forbes.com.

4. Springbig, a Marijuana Marketing Platform, Moves from NASDAQ to OTC 

Springbig Holdings, a Florida-based marijuana marketing and loyalty software company, has delisted itself from the NASDAQ stock exchange and moved to OTCQX, now the top tier of over-the-counter markets. NASDAQ warned Springbig in January that it was not in compliance with the market because its share price was below $1. Since Springbig did not regain compliance by the extended deadline of May 8, it was forced to remove itself from NASDAQ and join OTCQX.

Read more at MJBizDaily.com.

5. Did Peloton’s Rebranding Spark a Comeback? 

Peloton decided to adopt a new rebranding effort in an attempt to avoid intimidating potential customers by displaying intense, hardcore, world-class workouts. Using a new creative campaign framed around “anyone, anywhere,” Peloton aims to appeal to a wider audience and encourage people of all shapes and sizes to engage with their brand. The company is trying out this branding effort as it attempts to regain relevancy following the pandemic. 

Read more at MarketingDive.com.

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