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Digital Marketing Things to Know – June 2024

Weekly Roundup 6/5/2024 – 6/11/2024

1. Marketers, It’s Time To Walk The Walk On Responsible Media

The advertising industry is aiming to be more responsible by ensuring brand safety, supporting good journalism, and promoting diversity. However, translating these goals into action is proving difficult. While there are methods to identify these sites, they can be wrongly applied to legitimate ones. This creates friction between advertisers who don’t want to be on bad sites and publishers who object to being unfairly labeled.

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2. United Airlines Takes Flight With Airline Industry’s First Media Network

United Airlines launched Kinective Media, the industry’s first media network for airlines. This platform uses travel data to personalize ads and content for passengers on the United mobile app and inflight entertainment systems. Major brands like Macy’s and Chase are already signed up, and the official launch will be at Cannes Lions.

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3. Brands Are Embracing Ad-Free Features On Social Media, Like Comments And DMs

Social media feeds are no longer enough for brands to grab attention. Marketers are getting creative, targeting users in unexpected places like comment sections. Brands are responding with dedicated comment strategies, crafting responses that align with online culture and the brand’s voice. This can lead to significant reach and engagement, with brand comments sometimes garnering more likes than the original post. 

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4. Social Search Is Strongest When Marketers Amplify Organic Efforts

Social media platforms are offering search ads, but, unlike traditional search engines, they focus on targeting users within their existing ad formats, not keywords. This has divided advertisers; performance-focused ones are interested, while brand marketers are wary of potential cost issues.

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5. Google Introduces Advanced AI Advertising Tools At Marketing Live

Google’s Marketing Live unveiled a suite of AI-powered advertising tools. Search ads get personalized based on user info, brands get search profiles, and retailers get image editing tools. They’re also introducing immersive features like 3D product views and virtual try-ons. By integrating AI and prioritizing user experience, Google is pushing the boundaries of interactive advertising.

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Weekly Roundup 4/24/2024 – 4/30/2024

1. 20 Brands Catching Gen Z’s Attention Right Now

Secondhand luxury goods are surging to the top of Gen Z consumer demands and improving the image of upscale brands like Hermés and Cartier. Opposingly, interest in Old Navy has increased for consumers looking for more affordable price points. On the food front, Tillamook and Firehouse Subs reign supreme, and Peppa Pig boasts a second-place spot on the list.

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2. Will AI Be Your Next Marketing Assistant?

Joyce Gordon, head of generative AI at Amperity, sat down with Rio Longacre at Slalom and Jon Williams at AWS to discuss the future of Generative AI and various potential uses for its capabilities. While the marketing landscape is constantly changing, Generative AI has emerged as a possible ‘linchpin’—will it live up to its promise?

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3. Amazon, Apple, Oracle Rumored To Be Potential TikTok Buyers If Bytedance Is Forced To Sell

Last week, President Biden signed the “divest or ban” TikTok bill, which requires Bytedance to sell its shares in the app to a U.S. company, or else it will be banned outright in the country. Although Bytedance has stated it would rather have the app banned than sold to a U.S. company, the proliferation of the app’s use across the country has many wondering whether this will hold. This article explores the three top possibilities for a new TikTok owner, as well as the pros and cons of each.

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4. Influencers Sway Consumers But Authenticity Loses Some Clout, Study Says

Research from Sprout Social has indicated that almost half of all consumers make daily, weekly, or monthly purchases due to influencers. However, trust is less important than follower count when it comes to what younger consumers look for in influencers. However, the introduction of AI into the influencing sphere raises concerns about how AI will impact trust with consumers.

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5. What Is Personal Branding? Here’s Why It’s So Important

Your personal brand is the public-facing identity you cultivate. It can help you stand out as an expert in your field, develop your career, and serve as a competitive advantage for businesses and individuals. It’s an incredibly important component of modern digital marketing, so here’s a dive into why you should care and some tips on how to get started.

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Weekly Roundup 4/17/2024 – 4/23/2024

1. IPG, Zefr Address Social Media Misinformation With New Tools

The data platform company Zefr and IPG Mediabrands have decided to continue an existing partnership with each other in order to help combat online misinformation during a contentious election cycle.

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2. Performance-Only Marketing Experiencing ‘Slow Death’ As Digital Brand Builders Dominate

New data suggests that focusing on full-funnel performance, which emphasizes long-term investment in brand awareness to cultivate future demand among customers, is a necessity for winning digitally in 2024. Performance-only marketing that prioritizes immediate sales is losing steam as the digital landscape changes to accommodate full-funnel performances instead.

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3. Why The New York Times Is Forging Connections With Gamers As It Diversifies Its Audience

Since acquiring Wordle in 2022, the New York Times has continued to expand its online section of games and puzzles. Although the company is by no means a “gaming company,” it is capitalizing on the audience that the implementation of games into its brand has created. For many brands in the digital age, it’s important to diversify content beyond the company’s original purpose, and the New York Times is a prime example of why.

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4. Ad Strength Deep Dive: All Your Tough Ad Strength Questions Answered

When it comes to Ad Strength, there is, as there is with many paid advertising brands, a lot of nuance. It doesn’t provide a perfect indicator as to how your company’s ads will perform, and having a lower score on Ad Strength doesn’t necessarily mean the information in the ad is useless. This article discusses in depth the various components of Ad Strength and whether it’s worth the money.

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5. Five Ad Leaders Predict Media Measurement Trends For The TV Upfront

Although many have been hoping for a drastic shift in the media measurement landscape, the long process of integrating and trusting new processes may lead to a longer wait on that front. Five industry leaders offer their predictions for what changes in the media measurement landscape might look like instead, ahead of 2024 upfront negotiations.

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Weekly Roundup 4/10/2024 – 4/16/2024

1. The Top Five Creative Campaigns You Need To Know About Right Now

The Olympics, cream cheese, and dating apps: This week was chock-full of a diverse array of creative advertising campaigns that managed to put fun, lighthearted twists on occasionally heavy topics. 

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2. Lack Of Customer Data Is Major Obstacle In Reaping Rewards Of AI

Based on research from the Twilio customer engagement platform, many businesses are implementing AI into their platforms to help with customer interactions. Still, a lack of data surrounding the implementation and its impact is proving a significant obstacle. 

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3. How Marketers Can Score Gen Z Loyalty During Festival Season

With festival season ramping up, brands have a prime opportunity to appeal to Gen Z consumers, especially on social media. Here are a few top tips for what content Gen Z wants to see from brands during festival season and how best to implement that into your digital marketing.

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4. Meta Advertisers Are Adrift In Adversity As Bug-Filled Problems Persist

Tensions have continued to rise as ad executives express their frustration with Meta’s frequent bug issues and a lack of proper compensation for client advertising. At a recent Meta Day, ad executives attempted to raise their concerns, but Meta higher-ups shut them down.

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5. Ten Paid Search & PPC Planning Best Practices

Reviewing your company’s performance for its pay-per-click marketing program is essential for making sure that your strategy aligns with current goals, keeping up with trends, and improving performance. Here are ten of the best practices for PPC to help you plan for the months ahead.

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Weekly Roundup 4/3/2024 – 4/9/2024

1. Privacy Tools Fall Short: Here’s What The Numbers Say

With advancements in tracking technology, digital privacy efforts continue to fail to make good on their promise to protect consumers and marketers. The complexity and urgency around privacy highlight how important it is for marketers to stay current on regulatory developments. 

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2. How Marketers Can Navigate The Legal Pitfalls Of Generative AI

The rise of generative AI has forced tech giants to consider the benefits and pitfalls of integrating such technology into their operations. Although generative AI could be seen as a fix for burnout and boosting investment in creator content, it is also mired in various legal issues and practical pitfalls that require marketers to be strategic about how and if they should incorporate it into their companies.

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3. Meet The 4 Firms Setting The Agenda For Measuring TV Ads Amid Rapid Change

With upfronts season approaching, the future of measuring television ads is becoming an increasingly hot topic. Nielsen’s failures in the field have spurred innovation from alternative measurement providers and streaming-focused media companies as they work to introduce future-facing solutions to the market.

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4. An In-Depth Guide And Best Practices For Mobile SEO

With search engines encouraging companies to improve the mobile experience for their users, it has become even more critical to understand how best to optimize your website for mobile devices. 

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5. Meta Plans A Less Punitive AI-Generated Content Policy

Meta has introduced a broader definition of “manipulated” content beyond AI-generated videos, including deceptive audio and images across multiple platforms. Measures are being implemented to ensure the improved definition isn’t seen as restrictive. Meta is now labeling content as manipulated rather than taking it down. This new practice places emphasis on transparency rather than punishment.

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Weekly Roundup 3/27/2024 – 4/2/2024

1. Four Months In, Here’s The Rundown Of Google’s Chrome Cookie Conundrum So Far

Four months after Google’s attempt to manage tracking and cookies in Chrome yields a mere one percent of traffic without third-party cookies. Ad industry stakeholders are concerned over Google’s control amid legal scrutiny.

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2. Why Influencer Marketing is Critical in B2B 

B2B influencer marketing focuses on collaborations between creators and brands to develop and share authentic content. Brands should utilize collaborations and platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and Twitch to foster a greater sense of community. 

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3. Instagram Stories: 6 Tips To Boost Engagement

Instagram released a series of tips and tricks to help creators foster engagement for their Stories. Some tips and tricks include adding stickers and templates, mentioning someone after you post a story, making a collage using layout, filling in the background with a solid color, turning live photos into boomerangs, and making emojis glow. 

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4. April Fools’ Day 2024—Brand Pranks From Ikea To Dunkin’ To Duolingo

This April Fools’ Day, brands capitalized on making fun posts to share with their audiences and make consumers laugh. Ikea promoted invisible frames and laundry baskets, while Duolingo and Seat Geek boasted a new Duolingo on-ice show. Read what other absurd ideas brands came up with below. 

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5. Sociable: TikTok Launches New Ad Campaign To Oppose Sell-Off Bill

TikTok is doing everything in its power to oppose the sell-off bill proposed in the U.S., which would force its owner, ByteDance, to sell the app to a U.S. company to address security concerns. TikTok’s latest effort is a new $2.1 million ad campaign that claims the benefits that TikTok provides to U.S. users. These ads are misleading in that they amplify the suggestion that TikTok would be banned rather than sold and forced into U.S. ownership.

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Weekly Roundup 3/20/2024 – 3/26/2024

1. Why The Latest TikTok Ban Attempt Is Different — And What It Means For Marketers

The TikTok ban, recently passed by the House of Representatives and headed to the Senate, would force a sale of the app if it wishes to remain in the U.S., raising questions about how an evolving social media landscape could play into TikTok’s fate and what the impact may be for marketers. If the bill passes, President Joe Biden has already stated that he would sign it into law, giving TikTok 165 days to sell or be banned in the U.S. due to privacy concerns.  

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2. 3 Keys For Better Email Engagement In Gmail

Learning tips and tricks to reach your clients’ inboxes is an important marketing strategy. To get your email seen and acted on, follow these top tips: add, update, and modify your segmentation plan, allow customers to opt out, and make a stronger case for investing in email.

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3. 41 Tips & Best Practices To Create Great Webinars

Webinars are invaluable tools for marketers. They offer live interaction between you and your audience through interactive Q&As and more. Some tips for the best webinars include knowing your attendees, thinking about visual branding, keeping mobile in mind, and offering your products or services as an add-on. 

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4. The Rundown: Everything You Need To Know About Reddit As The Platform Goes Public

Reddit finally went public on Wednesday, and marketers view it as a new advertising platform. Reddit is considered a niche outlet, but it has the potential to grow. Reddit’s potential lies in its unique ability that allows advertisers to target users with a strong intention to purchase, which might be challenging to reach on other platforms.

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5. Ethical Marketing In The Age Of Hidden Fees And Deceptive Pricing

Many advertisers need to improve at creating a genuine connection with their audience. Marketers are falling into the trap of prioritizing short-term wins over long-term brand value. Hidden fees and deceptive pricing are all too common and have become a national issue. The quest for accountability and integrity in marketing is a growing need.

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Weekly Roundup 3/13/2024 – 3/19/2024

1. Gen Z More Likely To Use TikTok, Instagram As Search Engines Over Google, Report Finds

A recent report from marketing platform SOCi has revealed that, for Gen Z Internet users, Google has been dethroned as the top search engine, replaced with a strong preference for Instagram (67%) and TikTok (62%). Although Google still retains its top spot for older generations, this report highlights the increased threat of social media against Google and its core service. 

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2. News Podcasts Have Not Yet Seen Increases In Ad Revenue, As They Have During Past Presidential Election Years

Typically, news publishers have found that their digital ad revenue increases during presidential election years. This year, however, some news podcasters have yet to observe that expected bump—a trend which media buyers say is due to advertisers’ recent aversion to news content, as well as increased polarization of the political landscape. 

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3. Google’s Depreciation Of Third-Party Cookies Has Marketers Searching For New Methods Of Tracking Measurement

As Google begins to get rid of its third-party cookies, marketers have begun the search for new solutions to target, track, and measure the effectiveness of their advertising. The launch of Meridian, Google’s new open-source marketing mix model, may help provide marketers with a new path forward for comprehensive measurement—but, it comes with its own set of drawbacks.

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4. Try These 5 Tips To Elevate Your Email Marketing Designs

Although using templates as a foundation for delivering unique emails may seem like the most beneficial approach, bespoke email campaigns are in fact far more effective in the long run. Here are 5 ways to create email campaigns that will stand out in crowded inboxes every time.

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5. The Intersections Between AI And User Experience, SEO On Digital Platforms

AI’s integration into digital platforms has drastically impacted user experience on the Internet. With AI-driven tools, more natural forms of communication on the Internet are now possible, allowing users to achieve greater control of their technological capabilities. However, some critics warn that these tools may begin to erode authentic human connection in the digital landscape.

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Weekly Roundup 3/6/2024 – 3/12/2024

1. Sociable: TikTok Calls On US Users To Oppose Latest Proposal To Ban App

U.S. lawmakers proposed a new bill that would force TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to sell the platform into U.S. ownership, or it will be banned from America entirely. The bill raises concerns about TikTok’s provision of U.S. user data to the Chinese government. TikTok’s response claims the proposed legislation violates the First Amendment and urges its users to call their House representative to challenge the bill.

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2. ABC’s Oscars Telecast Sells Out Of Ads, With Fresh Brand Integrations On Deck

Disney Advertising has sold out of marketing inventory for ABC’s Oscars on Sunday. The 96th Academy Awards attracted brands representing 17 categories, including apparel, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods. Dunkin’, Procter & Gamble, Southwest Airlines, and more are among some of the names listed in the announcement.  

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3. Try These PPC Strategies For Your B2B Business In 2024

This year brings significant changes for PPC (Paid Per Click) management, especially for B2B businesses. The top tips for 2024 include using video marketing for more than brand awareness and continuing to test AI-powered campaigns and creative tools.

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4. How Cookie Deprecation, First-Party Data And Privacy Regulations Are Impacting The Data Landscape

Google’s elimination of third-party cookies in Chrome has begun. The industry will adapt on many fronts in light of this new data loss. While marketers must focus on forging their paths forward in a cookieless landscape, it’s worth considering what comes next for Google.

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5. The Bad Ad Ecosystem: Here’s What The Research Says

As consumers scroll through their short-form video platform of choice (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc.), they’ve likely encountered cheap advertisements promoting deals that are too good to be true, such as heavily discounted items. Bad ads are everywhere, and they hurt the effectiveness of ads that are well thought out.

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Weekly Roundup 2/28/2024 – 3/5/2024

1. Global Social Media Users Pass 5 Billion Milestone

We Are Social, a creative agency, released Digital 2024, a 500-page report detailing social media trends; the report attributes that active social media user identities have passed the 5 billion mark (5.04 billion), equivalent to 62.3% of the world’s population. The report also shows that 16.5% of internet users between 16 and 64 consider Instagram their favorite platform.

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2. Google’s SEO Updates Shift Focus To Mobile Optimization

Google is presently testing an exciting new feature: the carousel-rich result. It introduces an interactive visual display, allowing users to swipe through results easily. This feature makes information more accessible, engaging, and visually appealing, benefiting retail, hospitality, and event businesses. The carousel-rich result introduces a scrollable horizontal carousel, suitable for mobile phones, that can display a list of items with neat configurations. The new feature promises easy navigation and smooth scrolling. 

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3. Google Rolls Out Slate Of AI-Powered Android Updates

Google recently announced several new artificial intelligence (AI) features for Android users. One of the new features included is accessing Google’s Gemini AI platform within the Messages app and hearing AI-generated captions for images. 

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4. 28 Awesome Sources Of Free Data

Who doesn’t love free sources? The internet is an excellent source of information that can sometimes be susceptible to manipulation and misinformation. That’s why vigilance is crucial; basing your writing on reliable data shows a commitment to accuracy and credibility. If you’re after dependable data, explore this list of reputable, free data sources to avoid misinformation traps.

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5. ‘It’s Going To Make Our Jobs Harder’: Effects Of Google’s Third-Party Cookie Fallout Compound For Marketers

Google has followed its promise to eliminate third-party cookies in Chrome, prompting marketers to explore alternatives. Some repercussions of the cookie elimination include impacting marketing trends like retail media, streaming, and display ads. The data loss of Google’s cookies is an opportunity to depart from dated marketing practices and invest in more tailored formats.

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Weekly Roundup 2/21/2024 – 2/27/2024

1. Media Buying In 2024— How TV Investment Strategies Are Evolving

TV ad buying is evolving this year; from AI to personalized ads, big shifts are coming. Recently, there has been a shift to strategizing ads based on what audiences watch and on which platform. This has resulted in a media buying landscape that appears to be completely different compared to years past. 

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2. Influencers Who Fail To Disclose Ads Are ‘Tarnishing Industry And Brands’

Influencers who fail to disclose advertisers and sponsored content within their posts are damaging the industry and losing audience trust. Four out of five influencers on social media fail to disclose commercial content. Unless the collaboration between the influencer and the brand is authentic, the commercial content comes off as disingenuous. 

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3. Meta’s Layoffs Continue To Impact Advertisers As The Company Replaces Account Team Members With AI

Last year, Meta let go of nearly 20,000 jobs and began to automate teams. Now, Meta places a handful of executives on accounts and is letting chat services handle the rest of the support. 

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4. Why Google Seems To Favor Big Brands & Low-Quality Content

Google’s algorithms seem to favor big brands and low-quality content, but why? Recent analysis seems to point at familiarity bias; people tend to choose what they know. Consumers have a habit of choosing things that are familiar instead of those that are new, and this bias is showing up in preferences towards big brands. 

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5. Warner Bros. Teams With Snapchat for AR ‘Dune: Part Two’ Campaign

Warner Bros. launched a campaign on Snapchat to promote the release of “Dune: Part Two,” which debuts on March 1. Users can ride the sci-blockbuster’s sandworms with aid from AR (augmented reality) as part of the promotion. 

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Weekly Roundup 2/14/2024 – 2/20/2024

1. State Farm Extends ‘Magic’ Campaign To NBA, WNBA With Disney Team-up

State Farm has teamed up with ESPN’s in-house creative agency to iterate on its celebrity-focused “The Right Kind of Magic” campaign, where consumers say “magical” words that make State Farm representatives appear. The ads come as Disney’s ESPN continues to see growth in basketball programming.

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2. Digital Marketing Institute Launches AI in Digital Marketing Course to Plug AI Skills Gap 

The Digital Marketing Institute has included its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Marketing course, following overwhelming demand from marketers. The course will bridge the AI knowledge gap for marketers of all sizes to learn about AI as it revolutionizes the digital marketing world.

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3. Marriott Bonvoy Joins March Madness Craze To Celebrate Game-Day Rituals

Marriott Bonvoy has launched a new campaign focused on March Madness. The effort celebrates the rituals of NCAA athletes, coaches, and fans as they prepare for games at Marriott Bonvoy hotels. Learn more about the basketball-themed ads that are dunking on marketing trends. 

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4. Google Bans Impersonation In Ads

Google Ads announced in March that it will implement new policies to reduce advertisements falsely claiming association with well-known brands or public figures to manipulate users, otherwise known as impersonation and false affiliation ads. 

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5. In A Booming Influencer Economy, Creators Seek Standardization For Payment Terms

As creators and influencers become a marketing must-have, creators are pushing for larger payment terms and employing other tactics to get their fair share of the marketing boom. Last year, many agencies reported that they were investing more in influencer marketing than they were in 2022. Learn more as influencer marketing and the creator economy become more mainstream. 

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Weekly Roundup 2/7/2024 – 2/13/2024

1. ‘Advertisers Tried Too Hard’: Few Super Bowl LVIII Ads Win As Celeb Takeover Continues

While the Super Bowl brought a nail-biting game, many of the advertisements shown were not fan favorites. From Temu’s annoying animated musical number to all of the celebrity cameos, learn what advertisements worked and which ones missed the mark. 

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2. ‘Bullish’ Marketing Industry Plans To Boost Spending Power In 2024

Marketing leaders are gearing up for a ‘bullish’ 2024, with more than 70% planning to boost digital budgets. 2024 is expected to see a resurgence in the marketing world, with increased investment being directed at AI, websites, SEO, broadcast, and podcasts, as well as email and content marketing.  

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3. How to Handle Increasing PPC Ad Management Demand

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has exploded in popularity over recent years thanks to its cost efficiency, accessibility, and large reach. If any portion of your target audience spends time online, PPC ads have a high chance of reaching them. Managing the PPC demand can look like hiring new employees, finding white-label PPC programs, and more. 

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4. WordPress SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle Plugin Vulnerability Affects +600,000 Sites

WordPress has recently found a vulnerability that could allow attackers to upload arbitrary files and expose site visitors to malicious scripts. To avoid hackers, users should consider updating to the latest version of the WordPress plugin. 

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5. ‘It’s Creativity, It’s Not Media Budget’: How Duolingo’s CMO Manu Orssaud Advertised Around The Super Bowl

Duolingo’s infamous big green bird took its talents to the next level, appearing in its biggest ad to date on Super Bowl Sunday. The brand relies heavily on Duo the Owl’s so-called “unhinged” viral TikTok videos. Learn more about Duolingo’s creative strategy and more by clicking on the link below. 

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Weekly Roundup 1/31/2024 – 2/6/2024

1. Lay’s Time-Loop Ads Inspired by ‘Groundhog Day’ Take Over ABC

ABC viewers will likely feel a sense of déjà vu on Friday, Feb. 2, as Lay’s begins an ad campaign inspired by the movie, “Groundhog Day.” The ad stars Stephen Tobolowsky, who played Ned in the 1993 comedy classic. Continuing the movie’s theme, Tobolowsky repeatedly comes to the checkout counter with different bags of Lay’s chips. Excessive ad frequency is a common complaint among viewers, but what if a campaign was structured around the concept?

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2. Ad Signal Partners with Perifery to Reduce Storage Costs and Carbon Impact

Ad Signal, a video content management solutions provider, has partnered with Perifery to provide seamless deduplication of workflows, cutting costs and reducing carbon emissions. The merger optimizes storage and management of digital assets. Data centers and digital traffic account for 2.3% of global CO2 emissions, 70% of which are video assets. This is an ever-growing issue as content demand and production continue to increase. 

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3. Google: ‘www’ in URLs Doesn’t Affect SEO Ranking

John Mueller, the coordinator of Google Search Relations efforts, clarified in early January that altering a website’s domain from www to non-www does not heavily sway its prominence in search engine rankings. According to Mueller, Google’s algorithms are adept enough to interpret the website URL whether it includes ‘www’ or not. While Google’s algorithm learns, it may temporarily affect site rankings until the algorithm adapts and fully understands the change. Transitioning your website’s domain from www to non-www is unlikely to substantially affect its search ranking.

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4. YouTube Announces 4 New Studio Features For Creators

YouTube released several new updates for YouTube Studio, offering YouTubers more insights and tailored approaches for their channels. The new features include: Enhanced Research Tab, Publicly Shareable Community Clips, New Analytics Offer More Insights On Playlists, and Scheduled Publishing For Members-Only Content. These new features offer more freedom and knowledge in YouTube Studio.

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5. The New ‘Power Skill’: A Guide to Becoming AI Literate

As AI becomes a larger force in the digital marketing sphere, workforce AI readiness is increasingly important. Employers have spent millions of dollars to train their employees on generative AI tools. However, AI can still be intimidating as the tech is ever-evolving. Luckily, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to improve your AI literacy; grasping the basics takes only a few hours.

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Weekly Roundup 1/24/2024 – 1/30/2024

1. Marketing Playbook: Breaking Down Industry Trends to Follow in 2024

The start of 2024 has unveiled both challenges and opportunities for professionals in the digital marketing landscape. With Google planning to enact the death of the cookie and generative artificial intelligence showing no signs of slowing down, areas of growing investment will likely experience major impacts. Similarly, the upcoming presidential election may regulate how brands market to consumer emotions. 

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2. How Taylor Swift Could Impact Super Bowl Advertising

As Taylor Swift’s appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games continue to boost ratings and viewership for the National Football League, brands get ready in case Swift decides to attend the Super Bowl. However, the Chiefs must beat the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC championship to advance, and Swift must make it to Las Vegas from Tokyo, where she will be on tour the day before the big game. 

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3. 6 Essential Steps to Launce a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing strategies have emerged as a popular trend for businesses to generate substantial revenue online. However, like all marketing strategies, affiliate marketing requires a thoughtful approach, specific planning, and proper execution. In this article, DMNews laid out a six-step process that can help launch a successful affiliate marketing business.

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4. In Rocky Digital Advertising Landscape, Advertisers Reconsider Direct Mail

Over the past two decades, digital marketing has been positioned as the most important asset for many brands with specific metric reporting, niche targeting abilities, and universal accessibility. However, as the digital front shifts, targeting has become more challenging due to privacy updates, and users’ tolerance for digital ads is decreasing. Some brands are considering whether there will be a resurgence of direct mail. 

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5. Storyblok Partnership to Transform International Marketing with AI-Driven Localisation

New research revealed that a large number of businesses are missing out on the benefits of global opportunities simply because of language barriers and the inability to go multilingual. However, with enterprise CMS leader Storyblok partnering with Lokalise, an AI-powered translation tool, brands will be able to translate and localize their content faster and easier than before, opening the gate to globalized marketing efforts. 

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Weekly Roundup 1/17/2024 – 1/23/2024

1. Tostitos’ Pop-up Heads to Super Bowl with Meals Served by Kirk Cousins 

Tostitos is bringing back its “Tost” by Tostitos pop-up restaurant with a Vegas-inspired twist as the brand prepares for Superbowl LVIII. The Frito-Lay brand, the NFL’s official chip and dip sponsor, added NFL star power to this campaign with help from Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins. The brand’s Tost campaign offers travel accommodations, game tickets, and tableside service for one lucky entrant. 

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2. Gen Z’s Mental Health Crisis Begs for a New Marketing Strategy from Banks 

A decade ago, 52% of 18- to 26-year-olds described their mental health as “excellent,” but today, a much larger number of young adults say they’re experiencing a decline in their mental health. For Gen Z, this can result in the manifestation of emotional spending. Nearly 59% of Gen Zers admitted they have experienced some sort of emotional spending.

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3. 3 Video Predictions for 2024

According to InsiderIntelligence’s June 2023 forecast, U.S. viewers will spend an average of 10 more minutes per day watching digital content. Streaming companies and social media platforms alike will compete for that share of extra viewership and accompanying ad revenue. This article covers InsiderIntelligence’s predictions for video content development in 2024.

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4. Gen Alpha Influencer Marketing – How Brands Can Work with Young Creators

An increasing number of brands are partnering with the emerging class of Gen Alpha creators, taking advantage of a lack of regulations around working with child influencers. Gen Alpha-based marketing campaigns are becoming commonplace in today’s social media landscape, especially among beauty and skincare creators, tapping into popular trends such as “Get Ready With Me.”

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5. Unleash Your Search Marketing Potential: SMX Next

As 2024 begins, search marketers are looking forward to a successful year by utilizing SMX Next. This complimentary online event offers helpful SEO and PPC strategies, networking opportunities, and tips from industry experts. Attendees can look forward to an all-encompassing learning experience, making it a must-attend event for search marketing professionals nationwide. 

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1. Inside the Creator Marketing Trends Expected to Go Viral in 2024

Weekly Roundup 1/10/2024 – 1/16/2024

In today’s increasingly digital world, the creator economy is emerging as one of the most valuable assets to companies worldwide. Video content consumption has surpassed an all-time high, and advertisers are redirecting their funds and efforts to develop smartphone-supported creatives. This trend will likely change how brands advertise and yield new opportunities from various artificial intelligence platforms. 

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2. Best Strategies for Enhancing Internal Communication in a Remote Setup 

Companies that lead a remote digital workplace understand the struggle of making internal communication inclusive and engaging. Despite creative efforts, internal communication can be mundane. However, every problem has a solution. Fortunately, in today’s technologically advanced world, you can improve remote communication by incorporating just a few tips into your company’s workflow.

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3. Study Underlines Consumers’ Concern Over Fake Reviews

This week, user-generated content (UGC) and social commerce solutions company Bazaarvoice released a study highlighting online shoppers’ concerns about fake reviews. According to the company’s research, fake reviews weigh heavily on people’s minds as they shop, undermining confidence in online brands and other related content. 

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4. Drive Demand For Your Brand With These 5 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Entrepreneurs and marketers recognize the need to adapt and innovate to stay ahead in today’s technologically advanced world. Digital marketing tactics have become a key asset of an omnichannel strategy, improving brand awareness and credibility in a competitive marketplace. In this article, Entrepreneur.com offers five strategies designed to attract and engage clients and position your business as an industry leader.

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5. Retailers Lean on Data, AI for Content Personalization

Recent data shows that 71% of U.S. retail decision-makers have invested in data or AI-enabled content for marketing personalization, according to an August 2023 report from Coresight Research and Obsess. Over ¾ of the companies that have invested have reported moderate to significant increases in their online sales.

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Weekly Roundup 1/3/2024 – 1/9/2024

1. Campaign Trail: Pop-Tarts’ Edible Mascot Made ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’ to Win Bowl Season 

Kellanova’s brand “Pop-Tarts” dominated college game day by embracing unusual humor, a life-sized Pop-Tart sacrificing itself to an even larger prop toaster. The mascot itself was edible, holding a sign that said, “Dreams really do come true,” before toasting itself and later being devoured by the entire Kansas State football team. This sponsorship will likely be one of the most memorable of this bowl season. 

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2. Gartner’s 2024 CMO Predictions: The Double-Edged Sword of Generative AI 

Analyst firm Gartner released its report of what marketing professionals ought to look out for in 2024, and no surprise: artificial intelligence is in the hot seat. Based on Gartner’s predictions, users will perceive a steep decline in the quality of the content they view if generative AI continues to be the primary means of content development across different platforms. 

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3. Mastering SEO: Unleash Quality Content and Rankings

Poorly designed operations systems are the primary reason many marketers and agencies experience trouble with the quality and quantity of search engine optimization (SEO). However, by identifying and fixing specific errors, businesses can surpass the difficulty of SEO challenges and excel in their desired fields. 

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4. Advertising Still Looking for Ingredient to Replace Cookies 

In Q3 of 2023, cookies were being used for more than 78% of U.S. programmatic ad buys, according to a report from 33Across. Google began phasing out third-party cookies for about 1% of users and may move to complete the deprecation of third-party cookies later this year. Without cookies, the pool of identity providers will likely consolidate significantly, with just a few rising to the top. 

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5. U.S. Ad Employment Ended 2023 at an All-Time High

Positions in advertising, public relations, and related services rose by 1,900 job opportunities in the U.S. this December, ending 2023 with staffing at an all-time high. Overall, U.S. employment statistics experienced a solid gain of about 216,000 jobs.

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Weekly Roundup 12/13/2023 – 12/19/2023

1. Unlock Global Reach with Microsoft Video Advertising and Netflix

Microsoft Advertising attempts to transform video marketing via a partnership with Netflix and other top streaming platforms. Microsoft highlighted their flexibility in crafting campaigns that align with all businesses’ needs and believes a campaign with streaming companies will increase traffic for their partners.

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2. Campaign Trail: Snyder’s Pretzels save Gingerbread People from Houses made of Themselves

There’s always been something strange about gingerbread people living in houses made of “themselves.” Snyder’s Pretzels is taking advantage of this hot-topic holiday conversation. The Campbell brand worked with Saatchi & Saatchi on a PSA-style advertisement that plays off of this long-time holiday discrepancy. 

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3. 12 Milestones that Reshaped Measurement in 2023

After an unprecedented year of measurement evolution–particularly TV measurement–media company rivals continue to battle Nielsen Media Company’s near-monopoly. The U.S. implemented a Joint Industry Committee designed to boost Nielsen’s rivals, and Nielsen has backtracked.

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4. MikMak Unveils Platform Innovations, Including One-Click Purchasing Options

MikMak, a software company helping some of the world’s leading brands grow commerce-first, unveiled the latest updates to MikMak 3.0, the company’s e-commerce enablement and analytics platform. These innovations, plus new partnerships from MikMak, will help partnering companies with offline sales, conversions, and other marketing tactics in a highly competitive economic environment.

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5. Generative AI Boosts Content Marketing Success

A recent report from Deloitte Digital has highlighted the increasing tendency for content marketing professionals to utilize generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), along with encouraging outcomes. As certain companies struggle to publish consistent and engaging content across various channels, many are turning to generative AI for assistance in their endeavors. 
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Weekly Roundup 12/6/2023 – 12/12/2023

1. 8 Winning SEO A/B Tests that Boost Organic Traffic 

Search Pilot released a white paper with eight real-world examples of A/B tests that helped companies increase their organic traffic between 3%-29%. If you are looking for a method to help increase your organic traffic, consider reading this white paper to learn which page changes can positively affect SEO and which could negatively impact organic traffic.

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2. How Reddit’s CEO Sees Search and Video Ads Developing

Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman, expressed the idea for Reddit to win with big brands, promoting his site as a recommendation engine. This week, Reddit unveiled its brand-new program called “Reddit Recommeds,” which will run as billboards in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, as well as on the Reddit website itself.

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3. Digital Marketing Agency WSI Launches New AI Market Research Survey

WSI, a leader in the Canadian digital marketing space, announced the release of its highly anticipated AI survey. Acting as more than just a questionnaire, this endeavor has been a collaborative effort for the company to tap into a wealth of data surrounding artificial intelligence. WSI aims to translate AI experiences and insights into actionable strategies businesses can employ. 

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4. Optimizing PPC Campaigns: Budgeting and Bidding Tactics

Marketers must have specific goals to shape bidding tactics to establish and operate a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Additionally, target demographics, a suitable budget, and continuous assessment of campaign performance are necessary to track and record the best campaign outcomes.

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5. Omnicom Media Group Partners with Logistics App Glovo 

The media services division of the Omnicom Group, Omnicom Media Group (OMG), partnered up with the last-mile logistics app Glovo. This strategic partnership will provide a range of benefits to Omnicom clients, including elevated data insights, retail media benefits, and first-look access into Glovo’s innovation roadmap. 

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Weekly Roundup 11/29/2023 – 12/5/2023

1. McDonald’s Reinvents McNugget Buddies for Streetwear-Minded Adults 

McDonald’s teamed up with artist and streetwear influencer Kerwin Frost for the chain’s latest nostalgic marketing campaign. Returning for the first time in over 25 years, the fast food restaurant is advertising a Happy Meal box with a McNugget Buddy collectible. Customers can collect six unique McNugget Buddies, each designed by Frost.

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2. Google Ads’ Placement on Blacklisted and Sanctioned Sites Raises Brand Safety Concerns

Research from an industry activist, Adalytics, noticed Google search ads are being displayed on a wide array of non-Google websites — most notably, websites hosting explicit content or pirated material. These sites include entities in countries under US sanctions, like Russia and Iran. Some users are expressing concerns regarding the security of their secure information.

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3. How Google’s AI Ads Take Control of Brands’ Strategies

As marketers experiment with Google’s new AI-powered ad product, Performance Max, they are finding surprising results. AI-powered advertising is still a mystery to many marketers. Sometimes, the AI delivers bad leads. Other times, it reveals hidden gems that can give companies a competitive advantage. 

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4. New Follow Function Enhances Google Search 

Google unveiled a brand-new search function that allows users to both search and follow specific topics based on their interests. The “follow” feature displays additional content related to an original search in the user’s Discover feed and also customizes search results based on the user’s interests for an enhanced search experience. This addition could lead to more search engine engagement, says Google.

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5. ChatGPT Turns a Year Old, Marking a Major Milestone for Generative AI

Nov. 30 marked the first anniversary since OpenAI debuted ChatGPT. The generative AI platform proved revolutionary for users across various fields, opening the gateway for the endless possibilities of generative AI technology. 

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Weekly Roundup 11/22/2023 – 11/28/2023

1. Navigating Non-Linear Journeys: How QR Codes are Enhancing Customer Touchpoints

QR codes are making the shopping experience quick and easy for consumers. With QR code technology, users can browse, think about purchasing, and ask questions instantly and on their own terms. Unfortunately for marketers, QR codes and unlimited consumer access make consistent customer engagement particularly challenging for businesses to control.

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2. Payment Behaviors are Expected to Shift over the Holidays due to Consumers’ Financial Concerns

A November survey from PYMNTS demonstrated that due to economic uncertainty and inflation-related pressures, consumers are shifting what they spend money on and how they spend it during the holiday season. Spending on gift-related purchases is expected to increase at 2%, whereas spending on non-gift holiday purchases is projected to decrease.

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3. Cards Against Humanity Mocks X and TikTok by Launching its Own Social Platform

If TikTok and X have felt less than truthful recently, “Yowza!” is a new option that will likely spread less misinformation than its competitors. Designed for users who feel beaten down by social media, the creators of the popular game Cards Against Humanity launched a Black Friday social media stunt called “Yowza!,” where users can only post one word: ‘Yowza.’

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4. New AI Model Outperforms Google’s Powerful PaLM-2

Inflection AI has announced a powerful new language model called Inflection-2 that outperforms Google’s language model, PaLM, across many benchmarking datasets. Inflection AI is a PI AI Personal Assistant model available on the web and as an app for Android and Apple devices. 

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5. Snoop Dogg Ignites Smokeless Fire Pit Craze

Solo Stove, the innovators who invented the first smoke-free fire pit, is pairing with rapper and cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg as their official “smokesman.” Solo Stove was keen to pair with Snoop Dogg due to his passion for smokeless fire pits. Their partnership follows Snoop Dogg’s social media update on November 16th, hinting at “quitting smoke” and later unveiling his affiliation with Solo Stove.
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Weekly Roundup 11/15/2023 – 11/21/2023

1. 31% of U.S. Internet Users Will Shop This Black Friday 

According to data from Deloitte, around 31% of active American shoppers will make purchases on Black Friday, with the same number shopping on Cyber Monday. The average shopper will spend over $1,600, up from last year’s average of $1,450. The data suggests that late November will be the busiest time for shopping, with around 78% of active shoppers participating in spending. 

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2. Behind Tubi’s Brand-Focused Marketing Approach

Choosing a streaming service in today’s overabundance of platforms can be overwhelming and confusing. Many of these streaming services market to customers based on the content their platform sponsors. Tubi, however, has taken a different stance with its advertising efforts. Focusing heavily on its free-to-use platform, Tubi aims to build brand awareness while competitors highlight their content. 

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3. Bing Employs GPT-4 to Write Custom Search Snippets  

Bing launched an AI-powered caption generator that aims to provide more informative snippets and enhance the search engine experience. OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model generates the captions, which can analyze both the user’s search query and a website’s content to create short descriptions that capture the essence of a desired webpage. 

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4. Coca-Cola’s Holiday Campaign Gets a Generative AI-Powered Makeover 

Coca-Cola unveiled its third AI-based initiative of the year, this time highlighting its global holiday campaign. The 130-year-old brand uses Create Real Magic, an AI-powered holiday card generator that allows people to experiment with seasonal content with just a few clicks. Built on the capabilities of GPT-4 and Dall-E 2, Create Real Magic is shareable across social platforms. 

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5. Managed Direct Response Empowers Mortgage Companies to Scale Through Direct Mail and Digital Marketing 

The mortgage industry continues to evolve in the digital age, and Managed Direct Response is proving to be a crucial partner for companies looking to expand their reach and scale their operations effectively. Using both Direct Mail and Digital Marketing strategies, Managed Direct Response offers solutions to empower mortgage businesses in their growth endeavors.

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Weekly Roundup 11/8/2023 – 11/14/2023

1. Coca-Cola Uses AI to Envision the Year 3000 on Las Vegas Sphere

Coca-Cola will take over the Las Vegas Sphere as part of a week-long “Destination Y3000” experience. The brand plans to transform the Sphere’s external screens into a futuristic cityscape, using AI-generated architecture inspired by the Y3000 AI Cam. As part of the effort to support the AI-created Y3000 Zero Sugar beverage, Coca-Cola is also hosting an event on Nov. 9 that will include performances from Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers. 

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2. Workplace Empathy and AI–How Tech Can Help Broken Office Relationships

Artificial intelligence (AI) could foster an environment where employees are heard, supported, and empowered to do their best work. A recent study from HR benefits technology company Buisnesssolver showed that perceptions of empathy in the workplace are at an all-time low, with a particular gap between how CEOs and employees perceive this problem. Does AI have the potential to minimize this empathetic disparity?

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3. Inbox to Mailbox: USPS Direct Mail Incentives Rewrite Marketing Playbook 

USPS’s 2024 plan will offer a 30% credit boost from mail volumes, merging traditional and digital marketing. The United States Postal Service wants to revitalize direct mail marketing, which influenced the incentive program for 2024 designed to boost First-Class and Marketing Mail volumes. With postage credits acting as the benefit, is the mailbox the new inbox?

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4. A Breakdown of the Latest Updates to Google Ads 

Every digital marketer uses Google Ads in some way or another. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is typically an essential part of today’s digital marketing success. With Google Ads experiencing notable changes in 2023, like the introduction of AI and machine learning, marketers must understand how to control the beast of advanced technology to take advantage of an ever-evolving landscape. 

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5. From Product Placement to the Netflix Cup: Marketers Weigh Up the Unconventional Twist in its Ad Strategy

With Netflix’s first-ever live sports event coming up on Nov. 14, the company’s executives have been talking it up to marketers. Instead of just being asked to advertise around the ‘Netflix Cup’ global golf match, marketers are also being “invited” to sponsor it. A $2 million investment would get branding showcased during the live-streamed event, with an additional $2 million for ad placements. 

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Weekly Roundup 11/1/2023 – 11/7/2023

1. Walmart reunites ‘Mean Girls’ to boost Black Friday push

Walmart reunited Lindsay Lohan and company to recreate scenes from the iconic teen comedy, “Mean Girls,” as the retailer looks to expand their Black Friday offerings. The campaign nods to well-known moments from the movie, promoting “Black Friday Deals” events on Nov. 10 and Nov. 24, with online access on Nov. 8 and Nov. 22, respectively.

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2. What Gen Z’s Connected TV Viewing Habits Can Teach Brands

As the divide between the viewing habits of older and younger generations continues to deepen, new research shows ways advertisers can alter their media strategies to better engage with younger audiences. Advertisers may need to embrace new approaches to capture Gen Z and millennial customers’ attention fully.

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3. LinkedIn Reaches 1 Billion Members, Unveils AI Job Search Tools

After reaching 1 billion members, LinkedIn celebrated by announcing an update to LinkedIn Premium. The social networking site unveiled an AI-powered Premium tool to provide personalized career guidance for professionals navigating an ever-evolving work landscape. LinkedIn aims to uncover hidden opportunities and streamline the job search for Premium users with its new AI software. 

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4. 67% of UK’s Leading E-commerce Giants Fall Short on Website Performance Standards

While the UK’s largest e-commerce businesses have been enjoying significant online success, the majority of these businesses are trailing behind when it comes to vital web metrics. This significant performance gap in the UK’s e-commerce landscape could impact future security and success.

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5. Despite a Major Gap in Financial Literacy, Americans Are Saving More for Retirement Than Last Year

A recent study found that more Americans contributed to their retirement accounts in 2023 than years prior, but many need more financial literacy to meet their personal goals. Despite the growth in most retirement accounts, many workers stated that competing financial priorities kept them from hitting their savings goals. 

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Weekly Roundup 10/25/2023 – 10/31/2023

1. Meta Revenue Surges 23%, but Volatility Could Soften Advertiser Demand

After a year of efficient operations tied with a rebound in the advertising market, Meta has scored its highest revenue growth rate since 2021. The company’s executives attribute their success to Meta’s ability to deliver engaging content on Facebook and Instagram. Reels and other video content have proven to drive incremental engagement and convert user engagement to company revenue.

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2. Why Google is Putting Creators at the Forefront of its Marketing Strategy

When professional marketer Ava Donaldson began working at Google seven years ago, influencer-based marketing was only an afterthought for many brands. Now, as companies continue to partner with social media creators, athletes, and artists, Donaldson addresses how influencer marketing is a crucial component of Google’s marketing strategy and many organizations worldwide.

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3. Amazon Reveals New Data Clean Room in Ad Tech Upgrade–What Brands and Publishers Need to Know

Amazon has expanded its ad platform with a new data “clean room” for publishers, including NBCUniversal, Dotdash Meridith, and DirecTV. The e-commerce giant launched a series of updates to its ad tech systems, introducing the Amazon Publisher Cloud, which could give the platform a leading edge when competing against other rival internet ad companies like Google.

Read more at AdAge.com.

4. Made You Look: How Brands Can be Attention Magnets in a Distracted World

There’s no denying that content saturation and media fragmentation have led to dwindling attention time on screen for users — making marketing even more difficult to both seize and sustain the interest of audiences. Ad visibility is no longer enough. They must captivate genuine attention from the audience while simultaneously delivering the outcome that matters most to the brand’s strategy.

Read more at TheDrum.com.

5. 3 Lessons from Pepsi’s CMO on Keeping a 125-year-old Brand Relevant 

After its first rebranding effort in 14 years, Pepsi unveiled a new logo and color palette that will be available on shelves in North America this fall, marking the brand’s 125th anniversary. This revamp nods to Pepsi’s past, encapsulating what CMO Todd Kaplan said about a “phygital” world, where consumers engage with brands both online and in-store.

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Weekly Roundup 10/18/2023 – 10/24/2023

1. How General Mills Refreshed its Fruit Snack Brands to Fend Off Disruptors

Brand refreshes have been an ongoing trend this year, especially in the food and beverage market, as many marketing teams put new spins on older products. This spring, General Mills renewed marketing efforts for products like Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Fruit by the Foot for the first time in years. According to their executives, these marketing revamps were attempts to bring these products back to life after losing some authority in their categories.

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2. Why Inspire Brands Puts Identity at the Center of its Marketing

After acquiring several new chains, Inspire Brands now covers a range of appetites and cuisines that appeal to customers throughout the day. However, it has found that brand loyalty is not what it once was, especially at the quick-service restaurant (QSR) and casual-dining restaurant (CDR) levels. To maintain their brand loyalty, Inspire Brands has focused on new marketing strategies to keep their chains top-of-mind for on-the-go customers.

Read more at MarketingDive.com.  

3. Consumers are 5x More Likely to View Advertising within Non-Premium Content as Low-Quality

Viewers are more likely to watch premium content than non-premium content, and as a result, they are more open-minded to seeing ads as a part of that experience. Studies show a more positive emotional response to premium ads, creating a halo effect on brands that pay to advertise in premium content settings. On the other hand, non-premium ads are viewed as low-quality and far less desirable than their counterparts.

Read more at MarketingTechNews.com.

4. Macy’s Launches Metaverse Hub to Court Shoppers to its New Brand

The metaverse has continued to be a talking point throughout 2023, but many marketing efforts have experienced fatigue trying to wrangle the beast. Macy’s, however, is looking toward the virtual realm as a way to strengthen connections and brand loyalty with its customers. The department store released “Mstylelab,” a new digital fashion platform where users can create their own avatars to collect and explore new clothing styles.

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5. Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing: How to Create a Balance

Different markets call for different strategies, but one thing most marketers can agree on is the modern dominance of digital marketing. In fact, an enormous percentage of brands are investing heavily in online marketing campaigns. However, traditional marketing is still alive, proving effective in the right scenario. Savvy advertisers will recognize how to create a balance — and capitalize on it. 
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Weekly Roundup 10/11/2023 – 10/17/2023

1. Google Launches Ad Measurement Tool For Brands in the Post-Cookie Era

Google unveiled a brand new ad measurement tool designed to connect to marketers’ first-party data sources. The new software developers intend for companies to ditch cookies and other traditional data tools and instead primarily use their own first-party data sources and marketing tech providers for ad measurements. 

Read more at AdAge.com.

2. Jack In The Box Cooks Up Horror Short Film for Halloween

In light of the Halloween season, Jack in the Box kick-started a multichannel media campaign that includes a short film, ad spots, experiential activations, and more. The chain’s newly introduced “Angry Monster Tacos” have inspired this campaign, tapping into the brand’s humorous past.

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3. 56% Of UK Consumers Always Accept Cookies without Thinking

Over one-third of British users admit they have given up on following cyber security best practices because it feels like an impossible task, according to a survey from Thales. The survey attributed the lack of cyber security practice to confusion and information overload. More than half of the respondents expressed their struggle to keep up with rapidly advancing technology, causing them to care less about their personal security.

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4. B2B Digital Marketing Agency Leadarati Expands Offices to South Florida

Leadarati, a giant in the B2B digital marketing field, announced its decision to expand its reach further down the East Coast with offices in southern Florida. Leadarati specializes in helping B2B organizations gain opportunities by using the most effective and up-to-date social, digital, and mobile marketing techniques to drive value and increase revenue. With locations in New Jersey, Boston, Dallas, and now Tampa, Leadarati serves industry leaders like Dell, HPE, Nutanix, Cisco, and more.

Read more at Benzinga.com.

5. How Companies Can Use Big Data to Make Better Action Plans for Their Digital Marketing

Recently, businesses both inside and outside the hospitality industry have been generating more data than ever before. All business owners recognize the importance of data retention and know it should be used to gain insight into customer behavior and company decision-making. However, a lot of data can be overwhelming if not managed correctly. With so much data now available at our fingertips, comprehending it can be challenging if you don’t know where to start.

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Weekly Roundup 10/4/2023 – 10/10/2023

1. The Newest Innovation in Digital Marketing Is Strategic Scalable Search

Most experienced entrepreneurs understand the cost of driving visibility, traffic, and sales for a new business. Ryan Klein, Founder and CEO of The Local Agency, recognized these difficulties and realized there was a better, more efficient way to help small companies get started. This fall, Klein is putting The Local Agency’s services on the market, offering a straightforward process to quickly increase awareness and visibility for new businesses. 

Read more at Finance.Yahoo.com.

2. Go Fish Digital: An Omnichannel Marketing Solution For Furniture Retailers

Go Fish Digital and the Home Furnishings Association (HFA) announced a digital marketing collaboration. The partnership intends to use Go Fish Digital’s marketing strategies and expertise to help the HFA empower retailers with the tools they need to succeed in today’s cutthroat digital marketing landscape.

Read more at MyHFA.org

3. Best Of The Bot: Identifying The Latest Trends In Digital Marketing

MarTech’s “Best of Bot” article showcases its very own artificial intelligence generative software, which now responds to prompts submitted by readers. This language model, based on content from MarTech and layered on the famous ChatGPT, covers topics related to digital marketing and other relevant content.

Read more at MarTech.org.

4. Rochester Owner To Close Syracuse Office Of Once Fast-Growing Digital Marketing Firm

Digital Hyve, a Syracuse-based digital marketing agency founded nine years ago, plans to close its original Syracuse office to streamline company operations. This agency grew rapidly from inception until the pandemic, but a competing marketing agency based out of Rochester named Butler/Till recently acquired it.

Read more at Syracuse.com.

5. Marlborough Chamber Head Urges Mass. Lawmakers Not To Over-Regulate Digital Marketing

The Small Business Administration reported that in 2020, over 700,000 small businesses employed over 1.5 million Massachusetts residents. Nowadays, 45% of Massachusetts workers are working for a small business. The president and CEO of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce is encouraging small businesses to employ every resource available to increase revenue and grow their business. He recognizes the value of a robust small business community.
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Weekly Roundup 9/27/2023 – 10/3/2023

1. 6 Generative AI Marketing Tools Besides ChatGPT

Almost every marketing professional is familiar with ChatGPT, the large language model (LLM) released last fall that took the internet by storm. But you may not know that there are many other generative artificial intelligence tools, which might be more useful for advertisers.  

Read more at AdAge.com.

2. Aspirant Launches Digital Agency

Aspirant, a top business consulting firm in the United States, has launched a Digital Agency division. Using resources from its management and technology consulting teams, Aspirant’s Digital Agency division will provide all companies with a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services. 

Read more at PRNewsWire.com.

3. Zib Digital: Guiding Businesses to Digital Marketing Success through Analytics 

According to Zib Digital, the leader of digital marketing agencies in Sydney, Australia, advertising analytics are not just a tool. They define marketing analytics as the compass that guides all advertising efforts in the right direction. Their experts explain that a deep dive into data helps provide insight into customer behaviors, preferences, and trends. When a business understands its audience, they can tailor their marketing strategies to speak directly to customer needs.

Read more at Benzinga.com

4. Inside the NFL’s Taylor Swift Era — How the League Is Marketing to Its New Fans

It’s not every day that a brand can welcome millions of new fans into its landscape in a matter of hours, especially when most of them know very little about the product. However, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship is breaking news to younger female fans, and it is a direct line of traffic to the NFL for nearly all of Swift’s fans. 

Read more at AdAge.com.

5. LG And Samsung Square Off in the Booming CTV Ad Market

One of the fastest-growing advertising avenues in the U.S., the CTV Television Network is becoming an irreplaceable domain for advertisers. Subsequently, it is also a battleground for notable Smart TV companies like LG and Samsung. While Samsung’s advertising efforts emphasize interactivity between customers and their devices, LG’s efforts focus on precision and data-based strategy.

Read more at InsiderIntelligence.com.

Weekly Roundup 09/20/2023 – 09/26/2023

1. How Can Small Brands Compete in a Crowded Digital Marketing Space?

Today’s digital marketing atmosphere is highly competitive. Small businesses often struggle to establish a dominant presence against more prominent, better-known brands. However, with an excellent strategy and the right approach, these smaller brands can take advantage of their space and succeed in a seemingly overcrowded digital marketing landscape. 

Read more at Forbes.com.

2. How to Unite AI and Automation to Unlock Advertising Success at Scale

There is no denying that artificial intelligence is playing a transformative role in the digital marketing industry. However, ad operations leaders don’t always know which AI applications will drive the most impact across various platforms. However, many leaders do agree on one thing: combining AI with automation, directed by human supervision, will maximize benefits and improve digital marketing strategies. 

Read more at AdAge.com.

3. Mastering Millennia Marketing for Generation Y

As of 2022, American millennials make up an estimated 72.2 million of the population, ranking them as the largest generational group in the United States. Studies estimate that millennials have a direct buying power of about $1 trillion

What does this mean? Companies need to start introducing specific marketing strategies to target millennials. And here’s the thing: Most millennials aren’t swayed by creative advertising; they think before they buy.

Read more at SearchEngineJournal.com.

4. ZINFI Releases Complimentary Best Practices Guide on Digital Marketing for SaaS Leaders

ZINFI Technologies, Inc. announced the release of its latest free guidebook, “Digital Marketing Strategy for SaaS Leaders,” which details a step-by-step approach to effective marketing strategies while keeping expenses under $1,000 per month. This guidebook aims to empower leaders of software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and help them compete with industry giants by building a renowned online presence.

Read more at MarTechSeries.com.

5. How the 3 A’s of Advertising Are Intertwined 

As the digital marketing industry evolves, artificial intelligence, attention metrics, and addressability practices are reevaluating how marketers plan and manage their advertising strategies.

Read more at InsiderIntelligence.com.

Weekly Roundup 09/13/2023 – 09/19/2023

1. Why Now is the Best Time to Implement SMS Marketing

On average, people now spend over 3 hours on their phones each day, with the average person checking their phone up to 58 times a day. With online marketplaces experiencing an uptick of purchases and viewing traffic, savvy marketers are taking advantage of short message services (SMS). Most lleading marketing companies are taking advantage of SMS marketing to increase their numbers without jeopardizing straightforward customer experiences.

Read more at MarTech.com.

2. Block & Tam Introduces “Meta Translator”: A Digital Tool That Could Revolutionize Multilingual Website Expansion

The award-winning marketing agency Block & Tam unveils its new tool, “Meta Translator.” This cutting-edge software could redefine the realm of multilingual website expansion, as businesses can effortlessly connect to global audiences by transforming their online platforms into dynamic international sites. From a marketing perspective, the new “Meta Translator” could allow businesses to unlimited audiences, no longer restricted by language barriers or regional blockades.

Read more at DigitalJournal.com.

3. Delta Media Launches AI-Powered, Automated CRM-Based Marketing Platform

Delta Media, one of the nation’s largest technology solutions providers for real estate brokerages, announces the launch of the most advanced customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This all-in-one digital platform leverages artificial intelligence with automation and unbeatable user-level customization.

Read more at MarTechSeries.com.

4. SEO Specialist Malaysia Unveils Digital Marketing Services to Foster Business Growth

The leading SEO expert in digital marketing, SEO Specialist Malaysia, introduces a service portfolio tailored toward businesses. SEO Special Malaysia combinines a deep understanding of local market dynamics with international digital trends. This new portfolio is designed to elevate online presences for brands and ensure success in such a competitive digital marketplace.

Read more at DigitalJournal.com.

5. How Champion Shifted its Brand Name From a Noun to a Verb

Vanessa LeFebvre, the President of Global Activewear, explains Champion’s new global campaign, “Champion What Moves You.” The campaign aims to focus on people who champion causes, rather than just those who become champions in sports. This purpose-driven campaign highlights creators around the world who turn passions into meaningful contributions to different communities.

Read more at MarketingDive.com

Weekly Roundup 09/06/2023 – 09/12/2023

1. Creators Are Revolutionizing Marketing–Here’s How Big Brands Can Benefit

The marketing world is evolving as companies implement strategies that aren’t necessarily traditional. Snappy social media personalities or regular meme postings to raise brand awareness are becoming the norm. Strict corporate marketing policies often limit many bigger brands, but they could learn a thing or two from smaller brands that are using unique forms of advertising and proving to be extremely effective in their endeavors.

Read more at Entrepreneur.com.

2. Direct-to-Consumer Brands are Going Old School

As with any company, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are seeking the best awareness strategies as they populate physical stores with their products. However, unlike more prominent brands, many DTC companies are avoiding AI and social media algorithms for outreach. Instead, they are taking advantage of old-school advertising techniques — specifically, outdoor advertisements. 

Read more at AdAge.com.

3. Artificial Intelligence’s Influence on Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly influenced  marketing for several years via predictive analytics and trend mapping. However, the recent uptick of AI in marketing is primarily based around generative AI for creative purposes, like graphic creation or copywriting. With generative technologies like ChatGPT more accessible than ever before, marketers must stay on top of these advancements before they get left behind. 

Read more at Forbes.com.

4. Springbig, a Marijuana Marketing Platform, Moves from NASDAQ to OTC 

Springbig Holdings, a Florida-based marijuana marketing and loyalty software company, has delisted itself from the NASDAQ stock exchange and moved to OTCQX, now the top tier of over-the-counter markets. NASDAQ warned Springbig in January that it was not in compliance with the market because its share price was below $1. Since Springbig did not regain compliance by the extended deadline of May 8, it was forced to remove itself from NASDAQ and join OTCQX.

Read more at MJBizDaily.com.

5. Did Peloton’s Rebranding Spark a Comeback? 

Peloton decided to adopt a new rebranding effort in an attempt to avoid intimidating potential customers by displaying intense, hardcore, world-class workouts. Using a new creative campaign framed around “anyone, anywhere,” Peloton aims to appeal to a wider audience and encourage people of all shapes and sizes to engage with their brand. The company is trying out this branding effort as it attempts to regain relevancy following the pandemic. 

Read more at MarketingDive.com.

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