Top 10 Dental Marketing Tips For 2022

In 2022, survival of the fittest means being digitally literate. Nearly a quarter of a century into the new millennium, we live in a world where the bounds and rules of technology are changing every day. In this ever-evolving digital age, it’s no longer an option to stick by tried and true methods of the past and hope for the best. If we want our businesses to survive and thrive, we must evolve.

Users are bombarded with ads every time they open the internet. From pop-ups to influencer postings, it can be difficult for any prospective customer–especially if the product in question is central to their health, like dentistry–to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, how do you get your business to stand out and inspire confidence and trust? We’ve come up with a list of tips for the dental practice that will keep you in the game. Below are 10 of the best dental marketing tips of 2022 so far.

1. Invest in an up-to-date website optimized for conversions. 

Nothing inspires less confidence in a business than stumbling upon a website designed a decade ago. Our current digital landscape might seem intangible, but it’s not. User experience depends on the palpable aspects of interface, aesthetics, and accessibility. An optimized website requires relatively frequent updating, and it’s always good to make sure your site isn’t lagging behind the pack. 

2. Update your Google My Business Page consistently.

It’s no secret that Google is fundamental to search engine optimization for any business. Your Google My Business page will contribute more than anything else to your business trends in an internet search. Your Google My Business (GMB) page is a resource for customers on your business hours, location, contact information, and reviews (more on those below). This information will appear in google searches and on maps when users type in inquiries like “dentists near me.” 

3. Actively engage with online reviews.

Online reviews on your Google My Business page are paramount to the public perception of your brand and Google’s priority of your business’s information. Engaging with reviews–responding to as many reviews as you can, good or bad–will instill confidence in customers and improve your Google ratings simultaneously. In a 2022 Local Consumer Review Survey, 98% of respondents said they read online reviews for local businesses. What’s more, 80% would be likely to recount a negative experience turned positive in the form of an online review. So don’t be afraid to respond to those angry reviews; it will only boost your business. The idea behind engaging with online reviews is not only to interface with current or past customers but also to expand your reach to new ones. The higher your business’s rating is on Google, the more Google will push it above your lower-rated counterparts.

4. Make a Content Calendar for your social media channels.

Social media can be an intimidating space to break into, considering the sheer volume of content users take in daily. Still, impressions on social media are essential to helping your business maintain a strong presence and grow, and building out a content calendar is an easy way to break into the social media sphere. Posting regularly without any planning can quickly become overwhelming and lead to burnout. A sustainable approach to posting is to build out your calendar in advance and counter the creative anxiety with a clear plan of what will be posted and when. You don’t have to have your creative juices flowing every day. Take a couple of hours every few weeks to brainstorm and plan out your content, then sail smoothly through your social media posting schedule.

5. Post authentic content (and videos) to build your community.

“But what in the world should a dentist’s office post about on social media?” The answer is quite simple: authentic content about your practice, team, and day-to-day office life. The truth of digital marketing in 2022 is that videos are a must-have for all businesses looking to build awareness. In 2022, users will spend up to 88% more time on websites that have videos on them than websites that don’t. Stock images of gleaming smiles are good to have every once in a while, but what will make your business stand out is what is unique to you. People want to feel comfortable, especially in a medical setting. Make videos highlighting your team members, exclusive office comings and goings, and build a community that anyone would be eager to join. 

6. Invest in Paid Search and Paid Ad Campaigns. 

All the above ideas are essential for keeping your brand awareness where you want it. Candidly, though, none of them will have as much impact as they can without the aid of paid search. Paid search and paid ad campaigns are all about getting your business out in front of potential customers and expanding your reach across the internet. Paid campaigns will get users in the door of your business’s online presence, while tailored organic content will keep them there.

7. Add specialized widgets to your website for bookings and consultations.

It’s Q3 of 2022, and the name of the digital marketing game is convenience. The fewer phone numbers someone has to dial to make a dentist appointment, the better. Make the user experience easier for your customer by integrating specialized widgets into your websites, like chat and booking functions. If someone is already on their computer looking for a dentist, minimize the number of steps they’ll have to take to finalize their appointment with you. If they can book an appointment through clicks, that’s better for a busy customer who doesn’t have time for more. 

8. Prioritize Local SEO.

Since most people find their dental practices online, your business must come up in local searches. The best way to do this is to invest in programs that can help you track trending keywords in your area. Once you have these trending keywords, publish content that utilizes and focuses on those terms. The more traffic your site generates, the more Google will trust it as an authority. This authority will keep your business at the top of search pages, which will continue to grow your traffic. 

9. Add Your Business To Directories. 

If you’re worried about getting your business trending in an online search, make sure you have your business page listed in local dental directories. If someone is going to shop around for dentists on a guide near you, you want your name to be on that list. 

10. Track Your Results.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, track and analyze your results. You can’t be successful at marketing if you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. Measuring your results from the above strategies–seeing what works and what doesn’t, and adjusting your time and resources accordingly–is the best way to ensure your business sees steady success. 

Digital advertising can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In reality, the keys to your marketing success are in the ten tips above. These suggestions will keep you ahead of the crowd and get your name in front of more customers with more authority. If you’re interested in learning more about online dental marketing or need help implementing any of the recommendations above, click here to sign up for our newsletter. Visit us at our website to book a consultation and learn more.

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