Data in Digital Marketing: What You Need to Know for Success

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Data has become a core aspect of successful marketing strategies in the digital age. Monitoring your clients’ data trends is crucial to consistently improving your and your client’s operations. Digital marketing strategists no longer base their decisions on past experience. Instead, companies that effectively collect and analyze data are proving to be the most successful in their fields.

As an advertising agency, we will explore why yielding data is essential to digital marketing success and how it helps businesses take actions that encourage growth and profitability. 

What Data is Important?

Website traffic and social media engagement are important data sets, but they only scratch the surface of the data you need to watch. All data, whether it’s social media, email marketing, ad impressions, website trends, etc., must be tracked — and tracked consistently. Your staff can utilize each piece of data to improve aspects of your marketing strategy.

This may seem like a daunting task. But the good news about data is that all of it is connected. Here’s how: 

Understanding Your Audience

One of the simplest data uses is recognizing who your audience is and what channels are most effective for your marketing strategy. Data allows you to compartmentalize people that engage with your client; knowing the individuals that actively interact with your content creates the opportunity to target similar people and expand your customer outreach. 

Data will help you determine what aspects of your strategy are most effective and what doesn’t perform as well as you thought it might. For example, Starbucks used its customer data to determine its busiest hours of operation, its most popular drinks per time of day, customer preferences, and much more. This information allowed their staff to tailor marketing campaigns based on relevant data like demographics and location. 

Understanding your audience allows you to direct your marketing strategy down the right avenues and on the right platforms.

Targeting Keywords

Keyword data can help determine how potential customers seek information about a company’s product or service. Knowing consumers’ search habits and internet tendencies allows you to craft your marketing strategy to reach the most potential customers based on popular keywords and keyword phrases. Including keywords in your marketing content makes it easier for customers to find your company when searching for related information. Using keywords in social media posts and blogs increases your search website traffic. 

Indeed’s article about types of keywords can give you an idea of what terms are most valuable concerning you or your client’s business. 

Optimizing Marketing Campaigns

Another great thing about collecting data is applying it to future marketing campaigns. Using past data when mapping out future campaigns can help you predict outcomes more accurately. Data will also show you the most influential aspects of your campaign, allowing you to allocate more resources to those areas. 

Data will also help you create a more personalized experience for your customers. When you can identify the individuals interested in your product or service, you can create content that caters to a specific demographic. This will lead to more engagement and retention from your marketing efforts. 

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Demonstrating ROI

It is crucial to demonstrate ROI to your clients and stakeholders that their investments are successful. Marketing data shows exactly how money is being spent and its effect on profit. Clients will be happy when you can prove to them that their efforts are successful, and who doesn’t like to see visible progress of growth?
As technology advances and information becomes more accessible, it is vital to stay on top of data collection and analysis. By continuing to evaluate data, you can optimize your digital marketing strategies and stay ahead of your competitors. If you have questions about collecting or applying data for yourself or your clients, visit our contact page today!

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