Are Reels Worth It For Your Business?

What are Reels? 

With TikTok emerging as one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, other interfaces are falling in line to offer short and succinct clips (both informational and entertaining) to give users insights into their business.

On Instagram, these short videos are called Reels. Like TikTok, users can continue to scroll and see videos from people or businesses they don’t already follow when they finish watching a video. This viewing method is a great marketing tool and a promising way for your company to reach new and various audiences. 

Reels appear on a user’s main feed alongside traditional, static images when they already follow the posting account. To garner new viewers without boosting, Instagram has a Reels extension on the bottom control panel where you can browse content (much like the For You Page on TikTok). This extension is how the Instagram algorithm ensures your content reaches new audiences with a proven interest in your industry.

Reels can be anywhere from 15 to 90 seconds long, and companies tend to determine the length of their reels based on the content and goal of the individual post. A longer-form video is for engagement with existing customers, whereas shorter clips better catch the eyes of new audiences.

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What are the Benefits of Adding Reels to Your Marketing Strategy?

Even though reels are relatively new on Instagram, they garner high engagement, especially when compared to the traditional post option of images. 

Reels can be a funny and engaging way for you to share the culture of your company, your mission, and your offerings. Serving primarily as entertainment, you can grow your audience through a collective theme of your Reels. 

Reels help you to build a parasocial relationship with your viewers and customers. Engage customers on a new level by giving them a glimpse behind the scenes of specific processes, an insider scoop on your business model, or even anecdotal information on the benefits or origin of your brand.

Are Reels a Quick Fix?

Reels help your brand reach new audiences and engage with current customers intimately and entertainingly. However, your brand cannot solely rely on Instagram Reels to further its business model. 

While Reels are a great tool to increase engagement, remember that you will miss out on other audiences if you only post Reels. Traditional image posts, stories, and live streams are all great marketing tools on Instagram that you should utilize. The types of engagement these tools garner can drive conversions by reaching audiences who may not engage with Reels. 

As with everything, Reels are good in moderation, and with a well-balanced marketing strategy, your brand can expand its overall awareness and engagement.

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TL;DR – Are Reels Worth It?

Reels are a great tool to expand your audience, build brand awareness, and connect with customers. They will not, however, carry your marketing on their back alone. As always, a multifaceted marketing approach will ensure all bases are covered. 

Now go out there and start posting!

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